IP Brass is the culmination of a career-long interest in mouthpiece design and performance. As a cornet player I have always tried to improve my personal performance and for over 20 years my father, an engineer and fine cornet player also himself helped greatly by making precise alterations to many of the mouthpieces I played on – from my formative years playing in brass bands at Flimby Saxhorn to the top level with the likes of Desford, Leyland, Black Dyke, Tredegar, Yorkshire Building Society and Fairey.

With my professional musical career now encompassing the degree level teaching of future brass musicians I believe that I can now use that experience to help a new generation of equally ambitious players.

I have sought feedback and opinion from some of the finest cornet players in the world in every aspect of the design and production process, and by working with one of the UK’s leading precision engineering companies I believe we have produced exceptional mouthpieces that have performance characteristics that combine tradition with flexibility and brilliance.

As a result the IP Brass cornet mouthpiece supports the development of a player to produce a warm, full bodied sound, yet also provides the ability to explore the outer limits of performance with security and freedom.